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Collectible Trading Tips: Where to Sell Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards are quite valuable, especially the rarest ones. A copy of one of these cards can earn you nearly a quarter of a million dollars, but you have to know where to sell your valuable Pokemon cards. So, the first thing you have to figure out when you are trying to make money with your Pokemon cards is where to sell them. In this article, you’ll learn where to sell Pokemon cards safely.

Where to Sell Pokemon Cards


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If you’re learning about Pokemon cards for the first time, they are cards used in the popular Pokemon Trading Card Game (PTCG), which is a collectible card game created in 1996 by Creatures Inc. and published the same year by Media Factory in Japan. Later, this game was published in the United States by Wizards of the Coast. In 2003, Nintendo reassigned the publishing rights from Wizards of the Coast to the Pokemon Company.

This game has become so popular, attracting millions of players from around the world. By 2022, the PTCG had sold more than 43 billion cards globally. It’s a strategy-based card game played by two players. It’s played on a carefully chosen play-mat where the participants use their Pokemon to compete.

Each contestant uses one Pokemon to play and attack their rival’s active Pokemon. When a Pokemon is completely destroyed, it’s referred to as a “Knocked Out” Pokemon. Every time a player knocks out their opponent’s Pokemon, they earn one prize card.

Sometimes special card mechanics award two or three prize cards to victors, depending on their higher hierarchy. These prize cards are just preliminary win conditions. A player is supposed to acquire six prize cards to be declared the winner.

You can also be declared the winner if you manage to “knock out” all the Pokemon that your rival has on the bench. This means that you become the winner if your opponent doesn’t have any Pokemon left or if they don’t have any cards left to draw into their deck when it’s their turn.

Every Pokemon card represents one or several Pokemon from the PTCG series. They specify the name, elemental type, one or several attacks and/or Ability, and a specific amount of Pokemon HP. The basic Pokemon (those that haven’t evolved) can be played directly onto the Bench.

Pokemon requires you to use a specific amount of energy to attack your opponent’s Active Pokemon. While attacks are meant to damage the opponent’s Active Pokemon, sometimes they can also damage their benched Pokemon, as well as draw cards, alter your opponent’s board state, or inflict special conditions.

This is an exciting game that will keep you entertained and also earn you incredible amounts of money if you know how and where to sell your Pokemon cards. Please note that there are two main categories of the Pokemon card market: the PTCG competitive market and the PTCG collectible market. In the PTCG competitive market, the value of your Pokemon cards is determined by how frequently they are used in competitive decks.

Pokemon cards that fit the competition’s regulations, and increase your chances of winning have great value. But the value of Pokemon cards can fluctuate depending on the turnover of the expansions used by players. In the PTCG collectible market, the most valuable cards are the ones that interest the collectors.

They remain valuable and even increase their value over time. The older the card is, the more valuable it becomes. Some of the most valuable Pokemon cards in this market category are the very first editions like the base sets, fossils, jungles, base set 2s, neo revelations, neo generations, and team rockets.

Still, in the collectible category, the most valuable cards are the rarest ones or holos. Even the common cards that complete a whole set are considered to be highly valuable in the collectible market. Please note that the current condition of a card in this market category determines its final price.

So, before you hit the market looking for someone to buy your Pokemon cards, make sure you understand which market category they fall under. You also need to understand the kind of people that usually buy Pokemon cards. This will help you to narrow down your search for clients.

The majority of the people who buy Pokemon cards are collectors and wealthy individuals like athletes, celebrities, and business moguls. In 2012, Logan Paul – a famous content creator – spent $2 million on Pokemon cards. The previous year, retired rapper Logic bought a Charizard Pokemon card for more than $180,000.

In 2022, famous NFL linebacker Blake Martinez sold a copy of a rare Pokemon card for $672,000. This compelled him to retire from his NFL career to focus on locating and selling rare Pokemon cards. But this doesn’t mean that celebrities, athletes, and successful entrepreneurs are the only ones interested in these cards. There are so many people from all walks of life that are interested in purchasing rare Pokemon cards.

So, it’s your responsibility to find these people. Unfortunately, the process of successfully selling Pokemon cards can be challenging at first, especially if you’re doing it for the first time, but it becomes easier and more interesting as you continue. So, before you lose hope, think about the rewards of selling a rare Pokemon card.

Once you’ve established the right market category for your Pokemon cards, look for the most reliable place to sell them. Here are the most reliable places to sell your Pokemon cards.

Pawn Shops

Pawn Shops

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You can easily sell your Pokemon cards at a pawn shop, especially if it deals in collectibles. Most pawn shops that sell collectibles have online platforms through which you can reach them and negotiate a price. It’s important to contact the pawn shop in advance to ask about the type of Pokemon cards they buy and their prices so that you don’t end up wasting your time traveling to the shop.

Collectible Card Market

Collectible Card

Image source: Cardmarket.com

The Card Market is a popular European e-commerce platform that buys and sells gaming kits, clothes, memorabilia, Pokemon card, and other rare gaming merchandise. Selling your cards on this platform is quite easy because you just need to create an account and list your cards. Once you’ve successfully created an account, you’ll be provided with a fillable list that offers an auto-generated search.

Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace


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The growing popularity of social media has made Facebook and Craigslist some of the most predominant online marketplaces in the world. People are running successful enterprises on these platforms. Therefore, they are ideal places for your Pokemon cards.

You just need to create accounts on both platforms and list your cards. Remember to personalize your ads to target buyers close to you. Otherwise, you’ll be required to spend money shipping the cards to the buyer if they are located abroad.

These platforms require you to set prices for your Pokemon cards. So, you have to research widely so that you can know the actual value of your cards before you approach potential buyers. The price you set can attract or chase potential buyers away.

Book Stores

Book Stores

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There are so many bookstores around the world that buy rare Pokemon cards, especially those that sell comic materials. Most of these stores have large collections of card games, and therefore they won’t mind adding your rare copy of a Pokemon card to their collection.

Card Cavern

Card Cavern

Image source: Cardcaverntradingcards.com

This is a Pokemon code online bazaar that specializes in PTCG online codes. These online codes are used for trading Pokemon cards online. So, if your Pokemon cards have codes, the right place to sell them is Card Cavern, especially if you’re yet to redeem them.

Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad

Image source: Trollandtoad.com

This is a leading online marketplace that sells everything related to gaming. They deal in sports cards, jigsaw puzzles, gaming supplies, board games, and Pokemon cards. In fact, Pokemon cards are their main area of focus. Furthermore, this platform accepts individual and bulk Pokemon cards.

CCG Castle

CCG Castle

Image source: Ccgcastle.com

This is another popular platform where you can sell your Pokemon cards. It has a vast range of games and cards like board games and figurines. Selling your cards on this platform is quite simple because you’ll be allowed to activate the “buy mode” to see the type of cards that the company is looking for.

TCG Player

TCG Player

Image source: Tcgplayer.com

This platform specializes in buying and selling Pokemon cards. They have mobile apps and other digital platforms where you can sell your cards. They link pastime gaming businesses with potential customers from all over the world. It’s an ideal place to sell your Pokemon cards.



Image source: eBay.com

eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces that connect thousands of merchants to millions of potential buyers from all over the world. You can find buyers for literally any product you want to sell, including Pokemon cards.

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