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The 4 Best Overwater Bungalows in Mexico for Your Vacation

There aren’t many overwater bungalows in Mexico, but the ones that are there are beautiful. Each of the four you can find in Mexico is full of its own characteristics and styles. They stand out from other overwater bungalows in surrounding countries with options to stay in villas above the ocean, lagoons, and even mangrove canals.

These 4 are not only the best, but the only ones out there. No matter which one you choose, though, you won’t be disappointed. Some are family-friendly, while others are designed to allow adults to fully relax and enjoy their time off.

4 Best Overwater Bungalows in Mexico

1. Palafitos El Dorado Maroma


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Palafitos El Dorado Maroma offers overwater bungalows just outside of Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Technically, it is located in Playa Magna, but it is only a 30-minute drive to Playa del Carmen. It is a little out of walking distance, but you can hire a car to take you there without a problem.

It was built in 2016 and is considered a 5-star resort. The best part, however, is that they allow adults only.

Not only do you get bungalows located right above the water, private spas, balconies, and 24-hour room services, but you don’t have to worry about kids running around and disrupting the peace either.

The rooms give you direct access to the water via stairs, as well as a pathway to take you back onto land. All of the rooms offer clear floors in some areas so you can watch the water and ocean below even from the safety of your personal space.

If you aren’t great at swimming or just want a relaxing time in the water, don’t worry, these bungalows are in fairly shallow water that is usually peaceful and easily walkable.

The balconies overlook the Caribbean and are present on every bungalow. If you get an upgraded room, you can get an infinity pool on a private deck. You can see the ocean while being in the comfort of your own pool.

These are the only overwater bungalows in Mexico that are actually in the Caribbean Sea, making this a pretty unique opportunity.

The elite rooms tend to fill up fast. It is recommended you book out as far as possible to ensure that you get one. There are only a couple of the elite rooms, and they can be taken in the blink of an eye.

The El Dorado Maroma bungalows are also all-inclusive. This means that they provide a restaurant to eat at, nightly entertainment, and a fitness center if you aren’t getting enough exercise by swimming. Yoga classes and massages are also available right on the beach.

You can even get drinks whenever you want with the swim-up bar at the resort. The staff speaks both English and Spanish for easy communication. There is also free WiFi and a 24-hour front desk.

They are only 30 minutes from the nearest airport as well, so you don’t have to waste a whole day just driving or getting a ride to your destination.

2. Rosewood Mayakoba Resort


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Another great option for an overwater bungalow vacation in Mexico is the Rosewood Mayakoba Resort. Located directly in Playa del Carmen, it offers you not only a relaxing resort but is an easy walking distance to shops and restaurants in the area too.

The rooms are located right on the lagoon, so you can be on the water, without having to worry about bad weather making a lot of waves. Some of the overwater bungalows come with heated pools, sundecks, and even outdoor showers.

Just make sure that you are actually getting a room that is an overwater bungalow. They also offer waterfront villas with pools. While both are amazing, you don’t want to be disappointed when you get there and realize you got the wrong place.

Only 18 of the 128 total rooms are overwater and are known as the Deluxe Lagoon Suites on their site. You will want to book the rooms early to ensure that you get one.

While the resort is family-friendly, the bungalows are not. If you are going on a trip with your kids, you will have to settle for a regular waterfront room and save the overwater bungalow for a private vacation later.

The resort offers a few amenities, including WiFi, personal butlers, and 24-hour room service.

The bungalows are somewhat small, around 500 square feet, and can hold a maximum of two members. The other suites and villas are between 780 and 1500 square feet and can hold more people.

Many potential guests get turned off from the Rosewood Mayakoba Resort due to the price. Not only is it expensive, but the price puts it in a range that is usually associated with very snobbish clientele and staff.

However, those that braved the resort found it was nothing as they had imagined. The price, though high, was reasonable for everything you got and both the staff and other guests were nice and friendly.

Some of the price comes from the location, with the resort being right on the water in Playa del Carmen, there is a lot to do in the area if you decide to step out of your room.

However, some of the price comes with the fact that the Rosewood Mayakoba is both a socially responsible and ecologically sustainable resort, even having a Rainforest Alliance certification. This makes it one of the most socially and environmentally responsible hotels in the area.

3. Banyan Tree Mayakoba


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Like the other two, the Banyan Tree Mayakoba Resort is located near Playa del Carmen. It is a AAA Five Diamond resort located in a gated community for safety and comfort.

It follows eco-friendly guidelines and principles. It is the newest of all the resorts in Mexico with overwater bungalows and has a lot of upgraded amenities from the others.

On the property, there is a golf course featuring 18 holes, a spa, and gourmet restaurants and bars. There are a total of 11 restaurants that specialize in different cuisines. There are also three bars and a fitness center.

Their spa is award-winning and can provide you with deep-tissue massages, body wraps, and facials. Sailing and kayaking are also available without having to travel to a different location.

Though the resort has a nice design, it is more comparable to a chalet than Polynesian in design. The villas and bungalows manage to have a modern look with a sleek design while also remaining connected to nature.

The villas themselves are large, over 2400 square feet with a king-sized bed. They include private pools, terraces, and spa baths. The pools are right on the roof to give you a great view while you relax.

If you want to socialize, there are also two public pools that are open for everyone at the resort.

As for the overwater villas, there are only six and are high in demand, so they need to be booked very far in advance. However, you won’t be disappointed with any of their rooms, even if they aren’t right on the water. Every villa is made up of two floors, whether on the water or near it.

Many people that visit this resort mention how magical and memorable the location was. Children are allowed here, and if they are young enough, are free. There are babysitting and children’s club options to keep them entertained while you are relaxing.

There are also pools specifically for the kids and playgrounds.

The bungalows are located in a canal in the Riviera Maya. The resort is linked by canal waterways and the surrounding area is full of untouched ecosystems.

4. Akalki


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Akalki is a little out of the way from the other overwater bungalows in Mexico. It is located in Bacalar. The town is cute, with plenty to do, such as visiting the Laguna de los Siete Colores. It even has a unique nightlife if you want to get out of the resort to go and socialize.

There are also a lot of historical sites in the area, such as Chacchoben and Kohunlich, cenotes, forts, and Chetumal. The bungalows are located about 30 minutes from the border of Mexico and Belize.

The overwater bungalows at Akalki are on a lagoon. You get breakfast served to you every morning and each bungalow gets a sun deck. They offer some tours across the water for those interested as well and provide snacks, drinks, and towels.

They are a bit more rustic than the other overwater bungalows on this list and more simple. But this also means that they come at a much cheaper price than some of the others.

Families are welcome, and there is plenty of space in a single bungalow for everyone. While the resort itself doesn’t have a lot to do compared to some of the others, there is a lot to do in the surrounding areas such as seeing some of the history, shopping, biking, and walking tours.

This resort is a little different in another way as well. While the others are meant to be glamorous and upgraded, the Akalki Center is focused on holistic practices. In essence, it aims to be more of a wellness retreat than anything else.

Those at the hotel urge you to connect deeply with nature and your inner self at the shores of Bacalar Lagoon. There is also a restaurant in the center that offers healthy, but delicious meals. A convenient spa helps rejuvenate your body and mind as well.

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