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50 Unique Names That Mean Powerful Girl

Having a baby is a beautiful experience that brings many amazing and wonderful moments. And one of these indescribable moments is when you decide on your baby’s name.

If you have already discovered it is a girl and want to raise a strong, beautiful girl who is ready to face any challenge that comes her way, here are 50 names that mean powerful girl.

50 Names That Mean Powerful Girl


Here are our top 50 suggestions for girl names that mean “powerful girl”.

1. Ada

Ada is a German name meaning “noble”.

2. Adira

Adira is a Hebrew name meaning “Mighty, courageous, and strong.” It is a feminine version of Adir. Adira is also the name of a Disney character in the film Tangled: The Series.

3. Ailia

Ailia is a Scottish name meaning “from the strong place”. Also, its Finnish equivalents “Helga” and “Olga” mean “light bringer”.

4. Aadya

It is a powerful name from Sanskrit. Aadya means the source or the power that gives rise to the five senses and the five elements. It is also another name for the Hindu goddess Durga.

5. Alexandria

It is a Greek name that means “defender of men” or “protector”. It is a strong name that has many adorable nicknames, including Al, Ali, Alex, Lexi, and Dria.

6. Audrey

Audrey is a name from old English meaning “noble strength”. The name gained popularity following the rise of the gorgeous actress Audrey Hepburn.

7. Athena

The name of the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom, Athena means “wise”.

8. Artemis

This is also the name of a Greek Goddess, Artemis is the Goddess of hunting and the moon. Artemis also means “butcher” and is a fierce girl’s name.

9. Ayesha

It is an Arabic name meaning “alive”. It is an elegant name that is perfect for a lively, strong girl.

10. Baldey

The name means “dangerous” and “bold” and has its origin in Iceland.

11. Bali

A name of Indian origin, Bali means “mighty warrior” in Sanskrit.

11. Balwinder

A name of Indian origin, Balwinder has the name of the Indian goddess Indra combined with it. Indra is the goddess of thunderbolts, and the name means might and strength.

12. Bellatrix

Bellatrix means “female warrior” in Latin. It is one of the stars in the “Orion” constellation.

13. Brianna

It is an Irish name meaning “virtuous and strong”. Its old English translation is “honorable.”

14. Bridget

A name of Irish origin, Bridget means “noble” or “power”. It is also the name of the Celtic goddess of wisdom and means “strength or exalted one”.

15. Camilla

Camilla is a legendary warrior maiden in Roman mythology. It represents strength, power, and courage.

16. Cassandra

It is a Greek name meaning “defender” or “unheeded princess”. In history, she was the daughter of the prophetess who predicted the fall of the Trojans.

17. Carla

It is a Portuguese name meaning “one who possesses strength”.

18. Cyrene

Cyrene is a Greek name meaning “supreme power”.

19. Charlotte

Charlotte is a classic name that is always in fashion. It is a popular name, so you are likely to find one person from every age group with the name. It is the feminine version of the French name Charles and means “warrior” or “army”.

20. Diana

Diana is a name recognized worldwide due to the strong and beautiful British Royal, Princess Diana of Wales. It is the name of the Roman goddess of hunting and the moon.

21. Delphine Or Delphina

Both names mean dolphin in Greek.

22. Dree

The name means “manly” and “strong” and has a Greek origin.

23. Edrei

It is a name from the Old Testament meaning “powerful and strong”. It is also the name of a chief town in the Kingdom of Bashan mentioned in the Bible.

24. Elaheh

It is a Parsi name meaning “like a Goddess”

25. Elfreda

It is an old English name meaning “elf strength”.


26. Earhart

The name means “bravery” and “honor” in Greek.

27. Fallon

It is an Irish name meaning “descendant from a ruler”. The name has evolved from the Irish surname “Ó Fallamhain”.

28. Finley

It is a Scottish word named “fair warrior”.

29. Frankie

It is a Latin name meaning “free”.

30. Gabriella

It is a Hebrew name meaning “God is my strength.” The name is the female version of Gabriel.

31. Harlow

It is derived from the Greek word meaning “army”.

32. Hera

The name of the Greek Goddess, Hera means warrior or hero.

33. Imara

It is a Swahili word meaning “strong-willed”.

34. Jara

It is a Slavic name meaning “fierce”.

35. Kana

It is a short name for girls and has two meanings. In Japanese, it means “powerful”, and in Hawaiian culture, Kana is a demigod who connects two islands.

36. Lenna

It is a sweet English name meaning Lion-hearted.

37. Majeeda

It is a beautiful Islamic name that is the female version of the name Majid. Majid in Arabic means “powerful”.

38. Matilda

It has an old German origin and means “mighty in battle”.

39. Nikita

It is a Greek name meaning “victory” or “she who is unconquered”.

40. Philomena

It is a strong Greek name meaning “lover of strength”.

41. Qadira

It is an Arabic name meaning “capable” or “powerful”. It is derived from the male name Qadir, which means the most powerful, the all-capable.

42. Reika

It is a badass name that is unique and has an amazing meaning. This German name means “power of the wolf” or “power of the home”.

43. Storm

The name of the English origin storm means “violent”. It may go by cute monikers like “Stormi.”

44. Shakti

Shakti is a Hindu name meaning “force, power, and strength”. In Hinduism, it is the energy that created the universe.

45. Trudy

It means “universal strength” and has a German origin.

46. Valencia

The name comes from the Latin word “valentia”, meaning “strong” or “healthy”. A Spanish city served as the inspiration for the name Valencia.

47. Velda

Velda is a strong name that was once very popular. The name means “power” and “to rule”.

48. Wei

Wei is a Chinese name meaning “power”.

49. Wilma

It is a feminine form of William. It means “protection” or “helmet of will”.

50. Zaila

It is an Arabic name meaning “strong and mighty”.

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