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The Ultimate List: 60 Trendy Middle Name Ideas

A middle name is a name between a person’s first name and surname. While a person is often addressed by their first name, the middle name is important too.

Looking for a middle name for your baby? We have a fantastic collection of 60 middle name ideas for girls, and boys, as well as gender-neutral names for your cute little newborn.

60 Middle Name Ideas

Middle Name Ideas for Girls


Here are some great middle name ideas for girls.

1. Delilah

It is a biblical name of Hebrew origin. Delilah means delicate.

2. Iona

It is a Scottish name. Iona is the name of a group of islands on the west coast of Scotland.

3. Skye

The name Skye means “sky” and “cloud”, derived from the old Norse word “sky”.

4. Pearl

It is an English name for a “precious gemstone”. According to ancient Vedic texts, pearls are borne of heaven’s powers and earth’s waters and are considered the moon’s daughter.

5. Iris

Iris is the name of a flower and part of the eye. It has a Greek origin, meaning “rainbow”.

6. Emma

It is a name of German origin meaning “universal” or “whole”.

7. Rose

Rose is derived from the Latin word “rosa”, which means flower.

8. Olivia

Olivia is a Latin name derived from Olive and means “peace”.

9. Claire

Claire is derived from the French name Clara, meaning “bright” or “clear”.

10. Belle

It is from a French word meaning “beautiful”. It is a famous name, thanks to the Disney character Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”.

11. Grace

A gorgeous name of Latin origin, Grace was first used as a reference to the phrase “God’s grace”. It means goodness, charm, and generosity.

12. Maeve

The name has an Irish Gaelic origin and means “intoxicating”.

13. Sophia

Sophia, Sofia, Sophie, Sophy, or Sophie is a Greek name meaning “wisdom”.

14. Jane

Jane is a name of English origin, meaning “God is gracious”. It is derived from the Hebrew name “Yochanan” meaning “Yahweh is merciful”.

15. Hope

Derived from Middle English, “hope” refers to a positive expectation or the theological virtue of hope.

16. Abigail

The name comes from the Hebrew name “Avygail or Avigail” meaning “my father’s joy”.

17. Aria

Aria has many meanings, like “air” and “lioness”. It is a name that represents fearlessness and strength.

18. Elise

It is a French variation of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God”.

19. Mary

Derived from the Hebrew or Egyptian name Maryam, Mary means “beloved, drop of the sea, or bitter”.

20. Lia

Lia is a name of Italian origin meaning “gentle”, “relaxed”, or “weary”.

21. Faye

Faye is a name that has English as well as French origins. In English, “faie” means “fairy” and in French, it means “belief or loyalty”.

22. Sara

Sara has Hebrew origin, and it means “princess”.

23. Catherine

A very old and consistently used name, Catherine has a Greek origin and means “pure”.

24. Nola

It is a name of Irish origin, meaning “fair”.

25. True

True is a name of English origin meaning “genuine” or “real”.

Middle Name Ideas for Boys


Here are 25 middle name ideas for boys.

1. Oscar

It is a name of English or Irish origin. It has several meanings, like “God’s Spear”, “champion warrior”, or “deer lover”.

2. Alexander

It is a Greek name meaning “defender of man”.

3. Duke

It is a royal name and means “leader”.

4. David

It is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “beloved”.

5. Asher

It is a Jewish name meaning “happiness”.

6. Jude

Jude is the short form of “Judah” and means “praised”.

7. Isaac

A name from the Bible, Isaac is the firstborn of Abraham. It means “one who laughs” or “one who rejoices”.

8. Kai

Kai is a Hawaiian name meaning “from the sea”.

9. Tate

The name has old Norse roots and is derived from the word “teitr”, which means “cheerful, glad, and bright”.

10. Rio

It is a nature-inspired name of Spanish origin. Rio means “river”.

11. Clark

Clark is an English name that evolved from “clerk”. It refers to someone who is educated and means “secretary”, “scribe”, or “scholar within a religious order”.

12. Mateo

Mateo is the Spanish form of Matthew. It is a biblical name and has a Hebrew meaning “gift of God”.

13. Miles

Miles is an English name meaning “soldier” or “merciful.”

14. Walter

It is a German name derived from the old German term “Walthari”. The name means “power”, “ruler”, and “army”.

15. James

It is a Hebrew name meaning “supplanter”. James is the English variation of “Jacob”.

16. Leonardo Or Leo

It is a strong and powerful baby boy name, meaning “lion-hearted”.

17. Hawk

Hawk is a badass baby name of English origin. Hawk means “bird of prey” or “falcon”. It is a perfect name for a baby with sharp eyes, reminding him to sharpen his talons with pride.

18. Zane

Zane is an Arabic name with many variants, like Zayn and Zain. Zane means “beauty” and “grace”.

19. Sage

The name comes from the sage plant and means “wise”.

20. Taj

Taj has Indian origins and comes from Sanskrit. Taj means “crown”.

21. Felix

It is a Latin name meaning “lucky” or “happy”.

22. Henry

The name comes from the old German name “Haimirich”, wherein Heim means “home” and ric means “ruler” or “power”.

23. Jack

Jack is derived from the English name John, meaning “gracious. There is also a theory that it has Celtic roots and means “strong, healthy, and full of vital origin”.

24. Zeus

Zeus is the name of the Greek God of the heavens.

25. Wren

Wren is a name of English origin, meaning “small bird”.

Gender Neutral Middle Name Ideas


Here are 10 gender-neutral middle name ideas that can be used for girls as well as boys.

1. Reed

The name comes from the old English word “read” and literally means the color “red”. It is a variation of Reid, which refers to red hair or a ruddy complexion.

2. Julian

Julian is a name of Greek origin meaning “youthful” or “Jove’s child”.

3. Quinn

It is a Gaelic name meaning “chief” or “descendant of Conn”.

4. Billie

It is a name of English origin, meaning strength and determination.

5. Charlie

It is a name of English origin, meaning “free man”.

6. Harper

Derived from the musical instrument “harp”, “harper” means “someone who plays the harp”.

7. Ray

Ray is short for Raymond and means “protector” or “advisor”.

8. Sam

It is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God hears” or “told by God”.

9. Taylor

Taylor is derived from the English family name “cutter of cloth”.

10. Max

Max is short for the Latin word “Maximus”. Max means “greatest”.

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