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Do You Know the Benefits of Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light glasses are a huge trend right now, and you may be wondering if they are just a fad or are actually scientifically helpful. While there is still a lot of research to be conducted on the benefits, it does appear that blue light glasses can help our eyes stay healthier and happier.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of blue light glasses and how they help, the article below has you covered with the information you need.

What Are Blue Light Glasses?


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Blue light glasses are glasses that block blue lights. These have become popular in recent years due to the growing knowledge of the danger of blue light. Blue light is a light that comes from most electronic devices, such as TVs, computers, and phones.

These glasses provide a way to reduce the damage from blue light. While some products are now coming out with blue light blockers or reducers, these glasses provide an added layer of protection and can be taken with you anywhere.

These glasses work by filtering certain spectrums of visible light, usually around 400 to 450 nm. They do this by either reflecting the light or absorbing it. Generally, the absorbing ones are better, filtering 35% of light on average, whereas the reflective ones only block about 10%.

There are ones that block more, some up to 98%, but this will cause your screen and surroundings to look red or brown, which isn’t always ideal. Even the minimal blocking will usually add a more yellow appearance to your surroundings.

5 Benefits of Blue Light Glasses


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Blue light glasses don’t have a lot of benefits, but the ones they do have are very important. Studies are still delving into how much blue light harms us, and how much of a benefit blue light glasses provide, but even from what we know now, trying to block out as much blue light as possible is important.

1. Reduce Eye Strain, Pain, and Itching

There have been some mixed studies on the truth of the effectiveness of blue light glasses when it comes to eye pain, strain, and itching. However, it does seem that research is leaning toward blue light glasses being beneficial.

It appears that those who wear blue light glasses or reduce blue light in some way while on devices such as computers, tend to have less pain, strain, and itching of the eyes. This is found to be true even after only two hours.

Part of this may be simply because, without blue light, there is a stronger contrast from the screen, which allows for easier focusing.

2. Reduces Risk of Eye Disease

Blue light can lead to some serious eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, eye cancer, and growths on the eye. This is because the cornea isn’t able to filter out blue light too well, so it hits the retina easily and causes issues. For reference, the cornea is what helps to protect your retina from UV light.

Wearing blue light glasses while working on the computer or scrolling on your phone can help to reduce the amount of blue light that gets past your cornea, and can reduce your risk of eye diseases.

3. Increases Sleep Quality

While there have been some mixed results on how much blue light affects our sleep compared to other forms of light, there is still evidence that shows blue light can disrupt sleep. Part of this is that too much blue light can change your internal clock, changing up your normal sleeping and waking cycles.

Another part of this is that blue light, especially later in the day, can reduce your body’s ability to produce melatonin, which is vital to getting sleep. This is one of the reasons that many professionals suggest not using any electronic devices at least 30 minutes before you are getting ready for bed.

If you are struggling to follow that advice, wearing blue light glasses at night can reduce the negative effects, though not completely stop them.

4. Prevents Dry Eyes

Another benefit of reducing blue light entering your eye with glasses is that your eyes may not get as dry. Since your eyes don’t have to strain as hard, and your cornea isn’t getting pierced as much with blue light, you can keep your eyes moister.

While this doesn’t seem like all that big of a deal, dry eyes can further lead to eye strain, itchiness, and discomfort. Additionally, if you rub your eyes when they are dry, you risk damaging them by scratching your cornea.

5. Allows You to use Your Devices Longer

In the world of modern technology, it isn’t always easy to avoid using technology. Many people may find that they are using a device most of the day. Perhaps you wake up and scroll through your phone, then are at a computer for most of the day working, only to come back home and watch TV, play games, or scroll through your phone some more.

All of this wreaks havoc on your eyes and health. By wearing blue light glasses throughout as much of the day as you can, you can use your devices longer without the side effects. This is also great for students, who often have to be on the computer a lot for school and homework.

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